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Marine Phytoplankton Introduction

The natural elements in marine plankton provide critical nutrition to our bodies helping to prevent a state of disease. Frequensea health drink from ForeverGreen could be exactly what you've been needing in a high impact dietary supplement. The body requires key elements in order to perform as intended and FrequenSea provides these elements. The waters off of British Columbia in Canada are the source of a tremendous variety of phytoplankton algae types including the nutrient primary producers which are known as marine diatoms. These phytoplankton, known to have extremely fast growth rates, play key roles in regulating our climate and the life chain. Their biomass and greenness due to chlorophyll are being studied and measured regularly by researchers. The proprietary process used in formulating FrequenSea replicates nature's microscopic process as perfectly as possible.

All the phytonutrients harvested in Canada for FrequenSea originate from nature and all promote good health.

Since the early 1980s the concentrations of micro algae have declined in the oceans in the northern hemisphere causing concern. The scientists at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration claim that the warmer temperature and wind change could be affecting phytoplankton production, however this phenomenon could be a short-term occurrence in our climate. The company that manufactures our product duplicates the Earth's natural processes for the benefit of mankind. Know more about FrequenSea Benefits....

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People trust nutrition sources originating from the sea for good reason. We offer the best pricing on ForeverGreen quality products such as FrequenSea and also are a resource for those interested in the generous marine phytoplankton business opportunity . Thank you for visiting our ForeverGreen web site.

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