FrequenSea is a delicious nutrient dense health drink distributed by ForeverGreen. FrequenSea is formulated using a proprietary process that is patent pending. FrequenSea due to its microscopic particle solution is highly water soluble allowing food to get past the liver and digestion tract and enter all the body systems.

Dr. Rodier's Plankton Study and his findings:

  • Marine Phytoplankton is a Super Food - all sea products are at the top of the list of super foods, but Marine Phytoplankton is the best
  • Super Foods have all the nutrients necessary for human survival
  • Sea Plankton are the most nutritious of all the marine algae Marine Phytoplankton support the health of cells and cellular membranes.
  • The micronutrients and electolytes are exactly what human cell membranes need to carry out their metabolism.
  • They are alkaline in pH which helps balance our typically acidic diet.
  • They enhance the immune system
  • They have anti-viral effects. Learn More...

FrequenSea Plankton by Dr. Rodier MD Integrative Health

Dr. Hugo Rodier MD University of Utah Professor,
University of Utah, School of Medicine
Utah Medical Association
American Academy of Environmental Medicine

FrequenSea is manufactured by extracting the plant based nutrition elements. FrequenSea is a category creator blend consisting of Sea Algae Plankton, Ionic sea minerals, seaweed, healthful Aloe Vera and Astaxanthin in a cranberry and blueberry base. The FrequenSea drink is simple to take and tastes great for all family members. FrequenSea nutrition offers a complete whole food source and helps balance PH. The facility producing the marine algae and marine phytoplankton for FrequenSea are world class.

FrequenSea AMP Technology

FrequenSea™ is Processed With AMP Technology (Aqueous Molecular Partitioning) – a process for emulsifying the whole plant in it's integrity, in water, without the use of any chemicals or heat.

With the FrequenSea patent pending technology the earth's natural spring phytoplankton bloom conditions are established in a controlled setting and multiple diverse healthful species of micro algae food are made in a state of the art thirty million dollar seafarm. In addition to the unique process of harvesting the plankton, they employ a scientific technology known as Aqueous Molecular Partitioning (AMP). This microbiology extraction system is utilized as opposed to using more common detrimental methods involving heat, distillation, or in addition harmful chemicals such as acetone. Co2 extraction is used putting the plant substance in high pressure chambers extracting its true value. FrequenSea from Forevergreen helps your physiology support normal PH which is associated with improved neuro-chemical function and mineral absorption. Humans create a new retina every forty eight hours and replace our skin every six weeks through new cells. Getting the right things through to nourish the cell mitochondria is a first step in holistic health.


You will not find this same Super Critical Extraction valuable technology with another supplement or natural health product other than FrequenSea. This high-impact beverage is water soluble for Immediate Bioavailability and has a nutritional analysis second to none. People having chronic or debilitating conditions may well find relief after other avenues have been exhausted. The state of the art facility producing the algae is unique in the world and for your benefit.

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