FrequenSea frequently asked questions:

  1. What is the biggest mistake people make when trying a product like FrequenSea?

    Many people fall short and don't get the opportunity to see the full benefits. They will only try a bottle or two... or only take it for a week or two and say “that product didn't help me”. They never gave the product a full chance to prove itself. Most conditions usually take a year or two or even more to surface and wanting the results of a poor diet to disappear quickly is normal, but in the real world it takes time to replenish the body’s supply of nutrients and overcome the defecits.. According to Dr Tennant... it takes 90 days of continuous (daily) support to reestablish the body’s natural stability.

    There are many temporary quick fixes (usually man made), that mask or hide conditions temporarily, and most people find out from experience that it wasn't the answer they were seeking because it can't or won't last without continually supporting the body’s nutritional needs. It is fairly simple: When the body’s nutritional needs are satisfied and fully supported, then and only then, can and will the body function at its very best. Buy 1 Case or more and get a free gift retail value is $75.95
  2. Do you really want to achieve and enjoy the best possible long term health?

    Enjoying life into your 60's, 70's, 80's and beyond is going to be determined by many factors and especially one...  by what nutrients you put into your body.  Just like putting fuel into your car...  your body needs good fuel too(and the better fuel you put in it... the more likely it will function well or even better)!  Your good or bad health will directly effect how much you enjoy life!   You are the only person that can make the decision to reduce or improve the quality and quantity of your life.  Acquiring or keeping great health as you strive to reach your 100th birthday... is a super goal to have and achieve...  but there must be a willful effort made by you to accomplish this goal.   Eating good live foods, exercising, playing, laughing, a positive attitude, loving, smiling and enjoying life will be very helpful factors to your extended longevity.  How well your body functions during this longevity, will be determined by the quality of fuel you give it The information in these questions and answers are specifically for you, to help you understand and gain knowledge that may help you improve the quality and quantity of your life! Try FrequenSea now for optimal health!
  3. Why aren't most other juice products designed to support the body properly? 

    Most juice products are limited, specific, or coming from one particular source.  They can give your body some good nutrients, and testimonials may be abundant, but they will not fully or totally support your body's needs.  You can not get everything your body needs by eating just a banana, or apple, or noni fruit, or a particular fruit or vegetable.  To give your body all that it needs for proper support, you must have diversity or a full spectrum of nutrients and raw material from plant sources.  To get this type of support, it takes many different plant nutrient sources, combined into one amazing product!   FrequenSea is the answer. Try it now! 100% Risk Free!
  4. Why is proper form for vitamins and minerals so important?

    Only plant life can turn inorganic minerals into organic minerals.  Minerals are absorbed up into the root hairs of the plant and the minerals are dispersed to all parts of the plant.  Imagine how small the vitamins and minerals must be (ionic size) to be absorbed up into the root hairs of a plant.  After being absorbed, the minerals become part of that living plant, and the plant gives these minerals life (energy, frequency or voltage) , and the minerals carry this life with them, when you consume the plant.  These life and energy charged minerals, give your body more energy, voltage and vitality!  Minerals found in plants (are non-toxic and non-metallic) and are not the same as those found in the ground (inorganic)
  5. Are all ionic minerals the same?

    No!  There are two basic ways to obtain minerals in an ionic form. The best way is to let nature transform the minerals into the ionic state and then eat or extract them from the natural sources. The least desirable way to obtain ionic minerals, is by grinding up clay, rock, or other inorganic substances and forcing them into a colloidal or ionic state.  Do you want minerals that come from nature and are still alive (from living plants) or minerals made (usually store bought in a capsule or tablet (tablets are the worst)) or processed by man (these are definitely dead minerals)?  Which would you trust the most, the ones directly from nature or made by man? Read the FrequenSea benefits...
  6. What about mega-doses of vitamins and minerals?

    There is NO animal in nature that takes mega-doses of vitamins or minerals , because it is not possible, necessary or natural.  Animals in the wild get all they need from eating plant life (daily) or eating other animals, birds, rodents or bugs, that eat nature's plant life.  Natural living organic vitamins and minerals come from plant life... the way nature intended!   Most of the time, when someone is taking large quantities, they are taking the wrong form (inorganic) of vitamins or minerals.  If the vitamins and minerals were ionic, they wouldn't need huge quantities to support what the body needs.  The human body needs vitamins and minerals that can be fully absorbed and fully utilized ... and ionic form minerals (only from a plant source) are by far... the very best in the world.  The best nutrition will always come from nature and plant derived sources... and not made by man (nature is much more intelligent than man).
  7. What is Frankincense?

    During ancient times Frankincense was considered more valuable than gold and has been regarded as the "Mother of all Essential Oils". This milky white resin produced by a scrubby little tree called "Genus Boswellia". Frankincense has the ability to have a calming effect on the nervous system and is excellent for use with stress related conditions. Throughout history, Frankincense has been used for many problems and physical disorders. Read more about Frankincense benefits...

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