FrequenSea frequently asked questions:

  1. What is Astaxanthin?

    Astaxanthin is a powerful, natural, biological antioxidant extracted from the marine algae, Hae-matococcus pluvialis. Many carotenoids, such a astaxanthin, act as antioxidants to protect our cells from free radicals. Astaxanthin also crosses the blood brain barrier (this is very beneficial), making it available to the eyes, brain and central nervous system.  
  2. What is AMP (Aqueous Molecular Partitioning)? 

    AMP is used instead of using common extraction methods, such as heat, distillation, or
    harmful chemicals (acetone or hexane). Whether its plants, herbs, flowers, roots, or spices, this exclusive technology uses Co 2 extraction, placing the plant in pressure chambers. By changing the pressures, we are able to get the entire plant liquefied. This includes the essential oils, the resinous materials and the water-based materials.  Due to separation, our exclusive process naturally emulsifies this plant-life concentrate water soluble. Nowhere else can you find such unique and natural methods of extraction. Water soluble means instant bioavailability .  Even the Frankincense in FrequenSea went from a rock-like material to water-soluble liquid making it so bioavailable that it is literally predigested .   How does a predigested water-soluble nutritional liquid help your body?... First the body doesn't have to work hardly at all to get the nutrition out of the liquid, and the nutrients are ready (in the ionic form - and as small as they can possibly be) for the body to be utilized!  It doesn't come any better than that... ever! Read more.....
  3. What happens when I don't give my body the proper nutrients and raw materials?

    Slowly but surely...  your body starts deteriorating (normally at a faster rate than people that do give their bodies the needed attention with the critical nutrients and raw materials for support) and problems are almost assured in the future.  It may take 30, 40...even 50 years or more.... but when critical components (vitamins, minerals and enzymes) are continually missing in the diet, the body becomes unbalanced and starts to malfunction.  Supplying the missing critical substances gives your body the best opportunity to regain its stability and optimal health. 
  4. Are there lots of testimonials about FrequenSea?

    Yes, there are many extraordinary and unparalleled testimonials for the FrequenSea product (some beyond belief) that cover almost every type of disorder (lack of proper nutrients) on this earth.  This is bottom line... when you give your body the best nutrients and raw materials to build, repair and restore  (from plant sources and in the proper natural ionic form ), the self-healing mechanism in the amazing human body, has the ability to make corrections and adjustments.  The main thing that stops unhealthy people from being healthy, is what they put into their body and/or what they don't put into their body (the critical supporting nutrients). To receive the full benefits of having a truly health body, a person must make a commitment to support the body's nutritional needs (it won't happen by chance) and they must do it on a daily basis (not occasionally). See success stories...
  5. Does FrequenSea help the voltage, energy and  pH balance within  the body?

    Yes, absolutely... the pH balance of the FrequenSea is between 8 to 8.5 alkaline.  Voltage, Energy and pH balance are all basically the same.  When voltage, energy and pH balance are low (under 7.0 pH)... the body is considered acidic...  when they are high (over 7.0 pH), the body is considered alkaline.  Most health conscious people have learned that when problems exist in the human body...  the body is acidic.  What this means, is that these abnormalities are living off and getting fed by your acidic body (acidic = breaking down). A very healthy body, on the other hand...  has plenty of voltage, energy and the pH balance is considered alkaline.  When the body is acidic, it has lost a lot of its voltage, energy and pH balance... and what this means... is the person with the acidic body, has not been replenishing the body with live living minerals from plants sources. These living minerals from plant sources, carry the voltage, energy and pH balance your body needs to be vibrant, energetic and full of life.  Read more...
  6. Who will see the quickest results when taking the Frequensea?

    Usually people that are very deficient in vitamins and minerals, are the people that have the most health challenges.  These people will usually see the fastest results as they replenish the body's missing nutrient and energy supply.  People that have made a serious conscious effort to support their health, usually, will take longer... and the 90 days of continuous support,  will give them the opportunity to see how a health body can function, when the given the superior raw materials and nutrients.  Most of us (possibly 99.9% of the people), have never given our bodies the full spectrum of nutrient support available only in FrequenSea.  FrequenSea is truly the most complete nutrient rich whole food every put together and made available for humankind to consume. 

    In fact, some health professionals are already calling FrequenSea ... "The Worlds's Only True Complete Food" and the most perfect food source available on earth.  Never before has anyone had the opportunity (except whales and sea life) to consume Marine Phytoplankton (the source of food that has been feeding the planet earth... since the earth began).  FrequenSea is more than just Marine Phytoplankton and the results from taking FrequenSea with Marine Phytoplankton are usually greater than Marine Phytoplankton alone. There is no doubt... that Marine Phytoplankton contains many elements not available anywhere else.  Maybe you've heard of fresh water phytoplankton like Spirulina and Chlorella... or maybe even blue green algae?  These algae's do have many health benefits (but are not a complete source of nutrients that will support the human body fully), however, Marine Phytoplankton which has 200+ unique species,  has the best nutritional profile on the planet earth!   Most of us have gone for years, with or without malfunctions occurring or showing... but without the proper support, the malfunctions become almost inevitable.  Supporting the body properly with the full spectrum of nutrients , is the best chance anyone has available, to avoid unexpected malfunctions! 
  7. I've heard a lot about new products that stimulate anti-aging Human Growth Hormone production in the body. Is FrequenSea another one of those products?

    The principle behind many of the products you've probably heard about relates to how amino acids stimulate the pituitary gland to release its own human growth hormone. While FrequenSea does contain an abundance of these amino acids it also contains many, many more healing nutrients as well. 

    Distribotor FAQs

  8. How can I purchase FrequenSea at a better price?

    ForeverGreen offers an opportunity to get FrequenSea at wholesale prices. You can sign up as a FrequenSea distributor.This is a great way to save on FrequenSea if you are looking to purchase the product on wholesale price. A one time Member fee of $39.95 and you save 20% every month when you purchase FrequenSea! Signup now to buy Frequensea on wholesale price! 

    It is also a great oppurtunity to earn extra income just making a little effort. You can either purchase the tonic at a reduced price and sell it at retail or you can simply send people to your own website (included in your distributorship package) where they can purchase online. You receive a commission for all purchases made from your website. Also, if you enroll others to become distributors, you will receive commissions on all their sales as well as long as you remain a distributor. See benefits of being a distributor...

    FrequenSea is a great product. Most people find it effective and feel the difference. Thousands enjoy the healthy life because of the amazing benefits of this wonderful product.

  9. In order to become a member and order your product, I had to give my Social Insurance number. Can you explain why that was required?

    As a distributor of Forevergreen, you will earn commission on all the sales done through your account. Social Insurance Number is needed for income tax purposes. Company will not run a credit check or use this information for any other purpose.

  10. Yes. FrequenSea is very popular in New Zealand. To sign up as a distributor in New Zealand it would cost you NZL$72.00 and you would receive a case of four FrequenSea bottles for only NZL$265.00.

    Your grand total after shipping and handling would be NZL$353.53. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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