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FrequenSea-Marine Phytoplankton is All Natural, DELICIOUS, Ionic Whole Food Tonic Bio-available, vitamin and mineral drink For the first time in history, all the wondrous health benefits of Marine Phytoplankton.

Now FrequenSea has double amount of Marine Phyotoplankton (1200mg) with added AMPed Rose & Ginger. Be the first to enjoy the benefits of FrequenSea™ Improved Formula!

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FrequenSea contains over 200 Types of Rich Plankton Nutrients for achieving maximum Health Benefits. Phytonutrients are natural plant-based chemicals that promote proper metabolic functions, such as: general nutrition; cardiovascular health; cholesterol; blood sugars; neurological support; skin care; vision; liver health; and energy.

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  1. What is Phytoplankton?
  2. What Nutritious Power Phytoplankton has?
  3. FrequenSea™ – An Introduction
  4. How to use?
  5. What Ingredients it has?  
  6. The Components
    - Macro Minerals
    - Nutrients
    - Enzymes
    - Coenzymes
  7. Amino Acids in FrequenSea™
  8. Other Ingredients
  9. Ingredient Supplement for 1 OZ Serving
  10. Algae Nutritional Properties
  11. FrequenSea™ Benefits
  12. The Marine Phytoplankton is more than a Plant
  13. The Compost of Marine Phytoplankton
  14. Astaxanthin – Super Sea Algae
  15. What is Frankincense?
  16. What is Phytoplankton?
  17. Phytonutrients Highly recommendable for human physiology 
  18. Patent Pending Technology
  19. FrequenSea™ -- Marine Phytoplankton
  20. Testimonials

FrequenSea Ingredients contain a complete food supplementary by taking the use of phytonutrient sources. It is highly beneficial for keeping the body healthy and fit.

FrequenSea™ has no side effects as it is a naturally preserved plant. The nutritional drink is complete compost with all that is required for a longer and healthy life free from costrel and acidity. It is a pure natural food enriched with great source of vitamins, proteins and minerals essential for a better life. It has a great medicinal value as well. It controls acidity, extra fats, and supplies calcium which controls dehydration.

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