Diabetes is a fatal lifestyle disease affecting many people, with most individual grappling with the financial burden that comes with the condition. Moreover, the available remedies only deal with the symptoms without addressing the real cause. Some of these solution are painful and have fatal side effects, leaving the patient in an even worse state.
The thought of having your leg amputated is enough to send chills down your spine. That is the situation I found myself in four years ago, when the doctor told me that my leg had to be amputated if I needed to live. My wife kept crying as she could not imagine me confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. With hiking as my passion, that meant my dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail with my wife one day was gone. It was all because I was among the 115 million Americans who are either prediabetic or are already diabetic. The disease had spread through my entire body, thrashing blood vessels in the limbs and cutting off circulation to my legs. According to the doctor, without amputation, my legs would just rot like spoilt meat.
I know you are probably wondering what happened and why I am telling you this. Well, I am David Andrew and I am telling you this as I do not want you to undergo the same horrifying ordeal as I did. Unfortunately, by then I did not know much about this potentially deadly disease. However, I have now done thorough research and uncovered certain eye-opening and even shocking facts. I have also found hope for individuals suffering from diabetes.
No Need to Become a Statistic
According to statistics, more than 200 people with this condition are amputated daily. That is more than 70,000 people annually. What is more distressing is; one in every four do not know that they are ill until when it is too late. The condition can also lead to other illnesses such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, heart failure and even cancer.
With excess glucose in the body, your blood tends to feed cancer tumors, which helps them to grow rapidly. In fact, according to findings from the Harvard Medical School; the Cancer Center, up to 80% of all cancer conditions are partially caused by imbalanced insulin and blood glucose. Moreover, a study published in “Neurology,” a medical journal, indicated that being diabetic almost doubles the risk of getting dementia.
When the glucose-packed blood rushes through your brain, it adds to the buildup, which causes the Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Another study showed that being diabetic increased the risk of getting a heart attack by 11 times. While another finding indicated that the condition increases chances of getting a stroke by up to 150 percent. This even makes it harder for your blood to get to the brain. With stroke having 17% chances of becoming fatal, getting a stroke with this condition narrows your chances of surviving.
Why do Most Specialists Prescribe Treatments, which Only Manage Symptoms?
Research findings have revealed the actual cause of diabetes, providing the solution to jumpstarting the body’s blood glucose regulating system and reversing diabetes in less than 3 weeks. However, most prescribed treatments ignore the real cause of this illness. In fact, several pharmaceutical kingpins have been charged for bribing doctors and hospitals to prescribe their medicines, without any regard for the best treatment. Others have been found guilty of not disclosing harmful side effects of their drugs, telling lies about their success rates as well as illegally inflating their prices.
The good news is; it is now possible to restore your blood sugar to healthy levels and reverse type 2 diabetes in just 3 weeks. The solution can be attributed to Dr. Roy Taylor, a researcher who managed to solve the decades’ old medical mystery. This has in turn completely changed the way this condition is treated.
It works by jumpstarting the pancreas, a part of the body that keeps blood sugar levels healthy and keeps insulin resistance at bay. This solution can reverse the illness and reduce or even eliminate the need for medication. Moreover, you can use this easy and relaxing trick to lower your blood sugar after enjoying something sweet. The good thing about using the “Pancreas Jumpstart Solution” is:
You can still eat your favorite foods,
There is no need for exhausting workouts,
You will not need unattainable levels of self-control,
It is not insanely priced like most oral medications or insulin shots,
The solution treats the real cause of the problem.
With this solution, you are only 3 weeks from reversing the condition that has given you a hard time. Regardless of your age, blood sugar level or the period that you have had the condition, once you know how to jumpstart your pancreas
You will be free from the painful finger pricks and the annoying insulin shots
You will not need medicines that leave you nauseated and fat
You will stop worrying about risky amputations, surgeries and early death
The painful tingling neuropathy in the hands, feet and anywhere else in the body will fade away
You will not worry about losing your ability to see
It will help you to break free from having to anxiously monitor your blood sugar, while jealously watching others eat their favorite foods
You will never feel like a burden to others again.
Are There Any Testimonials to the Pancreas Jumpstart Solution?
Over 38.000 people have had a successful encounter with this solution. For instance, Andrew from Battleground in Washington says that this presentation showed him a simple solution to his condition with a scientific backing. He has been free from the condition for almost 18 months now. In fact, his doctor could not believe until he carried out blood sugar tests by himself. The good thing is, this solution reversed Andrew’s condition in just 17 days.
Doug, who is from Salt Lake City in Utah says that he was always overwhelmed, tired at work and could not keep up with the kids anymore. In fact, the illness made him to feel like a prisoner. He is happy to have found such a scientifically proven way for reversing his condition. According to Doug, this is a practical natural method to jumpstart the pancreas and get the body to regulate blood sugar again. He clarifies that he is a living proof that the solution works as he has not used any medication for over six months now.
My Own Story
I am David Andrew, a 51 year old, with a wife and two children. A few years ago, I almost lost everything. I had been a Type 2 diabetic for more than a decade, which confined me to eating bland and boring foods. I could not risk consuming foods that would trigger unhealthy blood sugar levels.
This made me to feel like I was a burden to my own family and even feared that my children would develop the condition one day. I needed to prick my finger so as to test the blood sugar level and inject myself with the painful insulin shots. Moreover, I could spend about $2000 each month on insulin. Even the medications that my doctor had recommended left me with disastrous side effects.
This was taking a toll on my wallet, body and life, which made me to feel trapped. I even collapsed one day while working, and the next point I gained my consciousness was at the hospital. The doctor clarified that I had gone into the Non-Ketotic Hyperglycaemic Hyperosmolar Coma, due to the high glucose levels. I was to go for amputation that afternoon due to the advanced stage of my condition. Even with that, I only had 10 more years to live. But I later realized he was wrong.
The thought of spending my last years crippled, and unable to support my family made me feel hopeless and terrified. My wife objected to the amputation. However, at home everyone seemed to be giving up on me, and I was almost giving up, but a single Facebook post saved me. A friend just shared some article on Roy Taylor – a rogue diabetes researcher, who is also a medical doctor as well as a professor of medicine & metabolism at the Newcastle university.
How Does the Gastric Bypass Surgery Regulate Blood Sugar Levels?
Dr. Taylor’s research has so far been published in several medical journals. The gastric bypass surgery, an operation that is done on the stomach, is often used to treat Type 2 diabetes. This restores insulin and blood sugar levels to normal, hence reversing the condition, also reduces and even eliminates the need for medication. For many years, no one understood why this was so. That is what Dr. Taylor decided to find out.
According to the findings, the fat deposits that are around the pancreas are the main cause of the disease. The pancreas normally helps in the production of insulin, a hormone that assists the body to absorb blood sugar. The organ therefore plays a very important role in keeping the blood sugar levels normal. Therefore, if the produced insulin is not enough, your blood sugar will definitely go up. When fat deposits develop around your pancreas, they squeeze and even invade the organ, which prevents the production of enough insulin. This increases the body’s insulin resistance hence increasing the risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes.
Before undergoing gastric bypass surgery, the patient is normally given a temporary meal plan. It contains the exact sugars, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and essential vitamins to attack as well as destroy the fat deposits that are around the pancreas. This helps to jumpstart the pancreas.
Does the “Pancreas Jumpstart Solution” Really Work?
Based on this finding, Dr. Taylor designed a temporary meal plan, which could help to jumpstart the pancreas. The solution was tested on different people with the condition and showed positive results. Upon realizing that most giants in the industry did not want the information about this natural treatment out, I knew I was on my own. I needed to recreate Dr. Taylor’s method, with a few modifications to make it delicious. Upon trying it out, it worked and in just three weeks, my blood glucose was back to normal without any need for insulin injections.
To maintain this, I needed to boost my metabolism.
I had to find a method that was effective, fast, less tiring and convenient. I discovered seven metabolism boosting tricks that worked wonders for me, with a bonus of losing weight. Besides adopting these techniques, I also needed to reschedule my eating habits so as to keep my blood sugar at normal levels throughout the day. Upon visiting the doctor for my checkup, he confirmed that whatever I had done had saved my legs and life.
My wife and I opted to spread the word.
We managed to combine this life saving research into a simple guide named “Diabetes Destroyer”. Upon putting it online, many people across the globe started using the methods in our system.
What is in This System?
The system is divided into four modules: an introduction to facts about diabetes and three steps to help you jumpstart your pancreas, reverse the condition and reduce/eliminate the need for medication. Below is a summary of the modules:
Module 1: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You About Type 2 Diabetes
Here you will find scientific details about the actual cause of your condition and how it can be fixed with ease. You will learn about 2 glucose glitches, which cause an imbalance in your blood sugar levels and how to fix them. The video course named “Insulin Sensitivity: the Shortcut to Weight Loss,” will show you how eliminating insulin resistance can in turn melt away the extra fat.
Module 2: The “Pancreas-Jumpstart” Meal Plan
Here you will learn about a temporary meal plan, with the nutrients you require to jumpstart the pancreas and reverse the condition. The module will retrain the body to regulate blood sugar without depending on drugs and insulin shots. It has a detailed video recipe guide, with three diabetic-friendly desserts.
Module 3: A Natural Trick to Amp-Up Metabolism 
This module will teach you a 30-second workout plan you can use to keep your metabolism up throughout the day. It also has details on three metabolism boosting berries that you can add to your diet. Moreover, while these tricks increase the insulin absorption rate, they also melt away excess fat, significantly reducing the risk of getting a heart attack.
Module 4: Time Your Meals to Finish off the Condition
Under this module, you will be given a precise schedule, instructing you on when to eat certain foods so as to keep your blood sugar levels regular. You will also get to know about the best Type-2 Diabetes destroying snacks. Moreover, the “Meal Timing for Diabetes Loss” video guide will help you to lose extra pounds effortlessly.
Upon implementing these methods, you are guaranteed of regaining your full freedom with no fear or frustration. Moreover, the solution works faster and it can reverse your condition in less than three weeks. Note that the technique does not demand that you stop taking your medication abruptly. Instead it will guide you on lowering your blood sugar naturally until your doctor sees no need for you to continue using the medication.
Final words
Although I would like to help everyone with the condition, I may not be able to fund myself all through, consideringthe many opposing forces. I need your help and that is why I am charging a fair price for a revolutionary system that will radically change your life. This will help us to offset the web development expenses as well as the costs of ensuring that this is brought to you. In any case, it is much cheaper than the cost of insulin and othertypes of medication. At only $37, you will be able to get this system and enable us to reach other people who need help. Moreover, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it.
To add it to your cart, simply click on the following Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer link bellow. You will be taken to a page where you can watch the video to learn more about this revolutionary method. Or you can simply click on the button below the video and go to secure checkout page where you can fill all the relevant information before claiming a copy of the system. You will then be able to access a download page where you can download it and Start Reversing Your Type 2 Diabetes Right Away. While here, do not hesitate to watch video guides that are included in the system as they are the key to your freedom. Click on the button below to watch the video on this amazing solution.