Hello there. My name is Mary and for as long as I can remember, I was told that my diabetes was something I’d have to live with forever. “Sorry Mary, your diabetes is “Incurable”, you will need to take insulin for the rest of your life”, I was told.
It was a big road block in my life, and everytime I heard this from doctors, I would think to myself.. How can something be incurable completely?
Here’s what I recently discovered: You can actually fix diabetes with your liver.
The shock ran through my body hearing this.
My friend sent me some information, and it confused me somewhat at first, I mean, I am not by any means a medical expert! But, the theory behind it was so simple that I didn’t need to be.
Think of your liver as some sort of super hero if you are diabetic.
What I discovered was, the liver makes something known as “Insulin-like growth factor”, or IGF in short. This regulates your glucose, just like insulin, except it’s literally 100 times as effective at doing the job.
The trick to it all is to get your liver to produce more IGF, and no, you don’t need any awful pills or painful injections in order to do this. You simply need to consume the right foods, it’s that simple.
Eating the right food activates your bodys natural IGF, which will fix your diabetes permanently.Put simply, you can “cure” your diabetes, with a food plan that stimulates IGF.
This is great because, it’s completely natural and healthy.
I don’t need to take any pills or injections, I just had to make a food plan.
It sounded completely crazy to me that food was actually the solution to my diabetes problems. So I tested this.
In 12 days I had fixed my diabetes.
I went to my doctors and got it confirmed. When I came in and explained how I did it, he looked at me in a weird way..he was shocked.Did I really beat diabetes?
Nobody at the hospital understood how I did this, but then it hit me…
The whole diabetes industry is controlled by big companies that make billions of dollars out of diabetes  treatments, so why would they tell us if there really was a perfect solution to diabetes and we no longer needed to pay for their services?
I can’t guarantee this will work you, but its worked for tens of thousands of diabetes sufferers who can now enjoy life without that burden.
I mean, the only real thing you have to do is spend about 20 bucks at your local store to grab some food which is actually very tasty! so what harm is there in trying?
Check out this short video to find out exactly which foods you will need to do this and fix your diabetes. You’ll be so happy with the outcome and when you don’t need pills or injections anymore, your life will improve so much! I wish you the best.