Numerous studies and researched have shown that Xanax is very effective at treating certain psychological disorders. However, it’s very important to be careful with the drug and doesn’t take more than the doctor prescribed. Otherwise, a person can have various side effects or even addition.

Xanax (alprazolam) is used to treat different kinds of anxiety. The medicine belongs to the benzodiazepine group. It’s the shortest-acting one in this group and the person feels the effect within 90 minutes (or sooner). The drug aims to calm down the overexcited nerves by binding the receptors that respond to a chemical which is responsible for calmness.

The statistics show that millions of people suffer from anxiety and panic disorders. There are 4 main conditions which are treated by Xanax. They are a panic disorder, anxiety related to depression, agoraphobia, and social anxiety disorder. Let’s find out a bit more about each of these conditions.

A panic disorder is a condition when a person feels intense, overwhelming fear. The feeling often lasts from a few to 10 minutes. These episodes, attacks, sometimes lead to agoraphobia. It’s the condition when a person is terrified of being in public. In both cases, Xanax is used to relieve the attacks and help people live a more fulfilling life.

SAD (or social anxiety disorder) is another condition which is often treated by a course of Xanax. Many countries have agreed that the course should be from 2 to 4 weeks. In addition, there are other ways to cure this condition and they promise fewer side effects and more results. Consequently, in this case, Xanax is only a short-term solution.

The most common condition when a person has to take Xanax is anxiety related to depression. It often has certain symptoms like fatigue or muscular tightness, shaking, irritability, problems with attention or sleep, etc. When a person doesn’t treat the anxiety it can become a long-term condition