They say the right perfume can change your whole life. Partially it’s because the fragrance is a part of the impression you produce on people. When chosen appropriately, it’s sure to help you express yourself and influence people’s decisions or opinions. The scientists also insist that perfume is sure to influence you, too. Let’s find out how you need to apply it to benefit from all those advantages.

Never do it to your fragrance

  1. Don’t keep it in your bathroom. The humidity and temperature will ruin the perfume even before the expiration date comes.
  2. Don’t leave it without a cap. It continued to evaporate from the bottle. The unfortunate thing is that mostly the light notes leave changing the composition of the fragrance once and for all.
  3. Don’t leave it in the light. When you sitio web and buy fragrance, they come in packages. It’s not only for decoration purposes. It protects the bottle from the light!
  4. Don’t spray the fragrance over your clothes, jewelry, etc. First of all, there is no point in it. The scent has to mix with the smell of your skin. It’s warmth also helps the aroma to emanate. When applied to the clothes, it can only leave stains.
  5. Never rub your wrists after you apply the perfume. By doing it, you mix all the notes. It does not only change the smell itself but helps it to leave your skin sooner which is not your goal.

Use these tips to apply perfume properly and enjoy it all day long.